Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tiny pieces of paper

This piece of art was recently displayed at the advocacy center.  I absolutely love it!  For someone to take all these tiny pieces of paper, all these broken pieces and put them together to make a new image is beautiful to me.   It reminds me of spending time looking at stained glass and wondering how someone can put together broken pieces to make a new and glorious image.  

This whole idea of of destruction and creation cycle mystifies me.  The two cycles are really the same, I needed to be torn apart, I needed to have all of my beliefs challenged before I was ready to meet my teachers and open enough to really start creating myself.  

I am loving the process of taking all the little broken pieces of myself and falling in love with the new image that is slowly emerging and changing.  

Question to consider: What are you building in your life with some "broken" pieces? 

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