Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A teacher's joy

On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of seeing my friend, Jason's first solo performance on the Tablas.  It has been amazing to see him dedicate himself to this performance since I mentioned it to him a couple of months ago, he worked so hard on the pieces he was presenting.  That doesn't include the years of dedication before that moment.

One of my favorite parts of the performance was watching his teacher's joy, hearing him explain the skill it takes to play this instrument, and watching him continue to teach.    The relationship between a student and teacher is very beautiful to me and to watch that relationship as an observer was spectacular!    

It was also amazing to watch the diverse audience, consisting of Tabla players, and people who were unfamiliar with the instrument just enter the space and absorb the music.   Jason's passion for the instrument is obvious and he really invited us in to the experience.  

Question to consider:  What do you do that brings out your passion?  How do you display your spirit in your life?

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