Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

I have heard that how one spends New Year's Day is a good predictor for the upcoming year.

If that is the case then I am feeling lots of gratitude and excitement for 2015.   Today was one of those days that didn't quite go according to plan and yet everything was wonderful and amazing.   We started the morning off with a fantastic yoga class, and since I have been nursing my right side a little bit.  I got to keep asking myself "what can I do?"  I got to explore poses, and figure out how I could make it comfortable, and be gentle with myself when the pose just wasn't going to be helpful.  

Then a last minute decision was made and we headed to a birthday party at a Chinese restaraunt.  Right as I stepped onto the marble porch, my shoes slipped and I hit the ground.   I was surrounded my friends willing to give me a moment to compose myself, tell a few jokes and work on my newly bruised foot and knee.   I have so much gratitude for those ladies, to take the time to take care of me.

After the party Adam and I headed home for some relaxation and rest.   

I am really looking forward to see how the present moments continue to unfold and see what 2015 has in store for everyone.

Question to consider: What did you find wonder in today?

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