Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Boulder

"Sometimes the boulder is your path..."   My teacher likes to point out that the course of life doesn't always go smooth or to plan.  Sometimes you can be walking your path and a boulder drops right in front of you, which now makes the boulder your path.   Complaining about the boulder doesn't help move it, sometimes you have to accept what is.

When I am working on a project or goal I tend to not slow down. So when I signed up for a half marathon and came up with my training schedule, I was determined to stick to making the long runs happen every week.  I was committed to adding time/distance to those weekly runs and to gaining comptence with running longer distances.  I like having a plan, and I tend to get upset when things don't go according to plan.

When I fell on New Year's Day, I ended up with some pretty bruises on my knee and foot.  I let myself miss one running day, mostly because there was no way I could get my shoes on.   Well one day continued to turn into the next day, because the swelling wasn't going down and the pain wasn't really decreasing.  Needless to say I have been very frustrated about not being able to run and Adam has gotten to see some dramatic meltdowns. 

Adam has been helping me a lot with seeing how it is still going to be okay.  How running on a hurt leg is not going to help my training and how taking it easy might be my practice right now.  

So instead of running, doing yoga, or going to work I have gotten to read, watch some TV, sleep and paint.   

I still feel this huge fear that I am not doing enough to meet my goals and come the day of the race I won't  be able to finish.  Then I remind myself I am not going to run a half marathon, I am going to spend time with Ashley.   

Question to consider:  What boulder is in your path right now?  

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