Thursday, January 29, 2015


This morning during my run, the question "why" came up.  Why in the world did I agree to a half-marathon?  Why in the world am I devoting a lot of me time to something I don't particuarly enjoy all the time?  Why am I adding to my stress by continously pushing my body?   When I started walking and taking some deeper breaths, I stopped asking those questions and began paying attention to my body, not my mind.

I am currently doing interval training, which means I walk for a minute and run for a minute, I enjoy this more than straight running because I don't get bored and I get these mini "breaks"  to change that chatter in my head.  

I changed the chatter in my head, not by answering the questions, I left words and just paid attention to how my body was feeling.  I could feel the warmth circulating through out my body, the little stabilizing muscles in my feet, I could feel my tight calves, and I was breathing.   I know it seems like I was using words to describe how my body was feeling at the time, I am just translating the moment for you all.  In short my body was alive, it was showing me gratitude for using it, and also telling me where I need to be gentle with it.   

I am getting to know my body in a different way when I run and that is one reason why I am doing this.  

Question to consider: Does your mind protest your exercise routine?   What do you do in those moments?  

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