Tuesday, February 10, 2015


So I was at work the other day, cutting out some shapes for one of the therapists, and I suddenly remembered different times in school cutting out different shapes.  From elementary school all the way to my degree in cytogentics there was always something involving scissors, paper, shapes and some sort of realization.    I learn with shapes, I learn by manipulating shapes and there is something beautiful to me about guiding the scissors in just the right way to create a symbol.   To create some thing that is recognizable to everyone who has the eyes to see.

While I was cutting out the shapes for this project, I had no attachment to what they were going to be used for, honestly I was just happy to be helping out in someway.  I didn't feel the need to ask what was going to happen, how the work was going to be used, I just cut out the shapes and went on to my next task.  

This is such a different mindset for me, I like to KNOW things.  I like to put all the pieces of a puzzle together, so that I know where I fit in.   Lately I am just happy doing the tasks that come up, (except maybe housework), and moving on to the next task without wondering how the shapes I cut out are going to be used by the next person.  

I am starting to learn that I don't need to see the puzzle (life) to know that my piece fits in perfectly.   

Question to consider: What types of arts and crafts from your childhood do you still enjoy?  When is the last time you allowed yourself to play with that art or craft?

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