Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Exploring healing

So Adam got me an awesome Christmas present, it was two parts.  The first part was a board game called Forbidden Desert, where we got to escape the desert either together or not at all.   The second part I had to earn by winning the game.   We won on the first try!!

So he decided that if we were ever trapped in the desert as soon as I got home I would want to go to a spa.  (I figured I would want some water and a shower, so Adam just raised the standard.)    

So Adam got me a gift certificate to Houston Ayurveda Center, which I got to redeem today.  So when he first purchased this gift her thought it would be a great opportunity for me to learn and explore Ayurveda and learn about doshas.   Little did we know that my body was a little bit out of balance and this was going to be more of a how do I help my body heal.  

My teacher likes to talk about how people that ask to be healers generally get to be tested with their own health issues.  One so that they can really learn how the body is capable of healing and also because it is difficult to have empathy for someone if you haven't had your own experiences.  So I have ben lucky to have a lot of pain in my life, migraines, chronic back pain, IVF treatments, shingles and ovarian cysts.  I say that I am lucky because I have learned things about my body I never would have learned without those experiences, I have also learned my body is pretty miraculous, it keeps going.   

Through yoga and my daoist studies I have learned and explored a lot of pain.  I have learned that pain is not "bad,"  it is simply a signal that needs to be interpreted.  It is just another way that my body communicates with my mind.   Sometimes it means "stop,"  sometimes it means "be gentle,"  sometimes it means "the muscles are getting stronger,"  and sometimes it just is.  Pain is not a punishment it is simply a way to get the mind's attention, so that I pay attention and change something.  

While I was in my consultation at the Ayurveda Center I was told, pain can make it easy to be angry with the body, to hate the body.  Can you still love your body with the pain?  Pain is a part of the human experience and if you learn to love the body, the pain, all the sensations real healing can take place.  Healing comes from love, from true love.   While I was listening to this, I thought: I am so grateful that my body is healing, it is doing everything that I ask it to do.  I am in awe of what it is capable of, and I can be patient with it.   I can listen to it and with my doctors make the best decision about what steps to explore next.  

Question to consider: What is one way that you have experienced healing in your life?  

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