Thank you

I love to read!   I enjoy getting lots in someone else's creation, in having the freedom to take their words and create my own world as well.  Reading is a love affair, where a world unique to you and the author exists for a moment.  That world is formed from their imagination inspiring your imagination, it is why everyone has so many different opinions about different writing, everyone is having their own experience.  

So what is the writer's role in that relationship?   What resonsiblities does one take on when they decide to call themselves a writer?   I wrote many essays in school about the responsiblities a scientist accepts, the social contract that they sign when agreeing to serve society.   I have never considered what the social contract is for a writer and society?    Do I even want to give myself that sort of title, that resonsiblity?    

The fact is I have always loved writing, I have notebooks filled, I write stories in my head before I fall asleep, I find inspiration to write in the oddest places.   When I first started working on this blog, was really the first time I put my writing out there for anyone to read.   I still never considered myself a blogger or a writer, it was just a hobby, a way for me to hold myself to a higher standard.   A way for me to focus on the beautiful, brillant things in life when I just wanted to hide from the world and the challenges I was being given.   

Thank you for helping me hold myself to that higher standard, thank you for engaging in this intimate exchange of information.  For allowing me a part of whatever you create while you read my words.

Question to consider: What is a writer?  


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