Thursday, February 12, 2015

Therapy dog

This is just the cutest little dog in a tuxedo.   Meet the therapy dog that comes to the advocacy center. I have not gotten the pleasure of working with her, however last week at our volunteer appreciation dinner I got to sit at the same table with him and her owner.   I can only imagine what a soothing presence this little pup provides to the children.   I got to hear plenty of stories, and see the owner's face as she talked about her journey with training a therapy dog.   It is amazing all the different ways people are able to contribute to causes that mean a lot to them.

I am so happy I am included in this great group of volunteers and staff.  These people really give their hearts to the children that come in every day.

Question to consider:  Do you the discipline to train a therapy dog?   Adam and I looked into it at one point, and decided that Sterling is a little too neurotic and we are a little too lazy.  However Sterling is an excellent therapy dog for the two of us.  

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