Tuesday, March 3, 2015


When I was in China, back in August our translator, Richard, gave all of the group some parting gifts.  One of which was a block (cake) of Pu'er tea.  I remember looking at the tea, and wondering how to break it apart, how to prepare the tea.  I had seen tea bags, loose tea leaves, tea pearls but I had no experience with how this tea was packaged.  Adam decided to research it when we got home, and told me he found a video, but it would take time.  

When I returned from China my focus was on preparing for the next trip to Nepal and so the packages of tea were placed in the cupboard with the other tea.   Secretly I feared that I would forget about the tea and Richard's wonderful gift would go unappreciated.  However like so many gifts in life, the tea came back into my awareness at the perfect time.  

Someone suggested I drink more Pu'er tea to aid in my recovery, and I suddenly had the time to devote to opening up the tea cake without harming the tea leaves.   So Saturday morning after breakfast Adam and I began to break apart the tea.   For me this became a meditation, to be gentle, to be aware of how I was handling the tea and to just allow the leaves to separate on their own.   During the process I absolutely fell in love with the tea, I was able to appreciate the different size leaves, the different colors, and was so excited to taste the flavors.  

I tend to enjoy drinking tea, to savor the moment, to notice the different flavors and learn.  This was entirely different experience, and I am so grateful for those moments with the tea leaves.   The tea tastes wonderful, however opening up the tea leaves was the gift I needed.   

Question to consider: What is your favorite type of hot beverage?  Are you a tea drinker?  

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