I forgot my Sterling Sunday photo and I have been neglecting this blog lately.  I wanted to share this photo, and break a rule of my blog.

I love my cuddle time with Sterling, just like I love playing with him, walking him, watching him play, just taking care of this little guy (I am including the sleepless nights and cleaning up the many, many messes).   He reminds me all the time that things aren't such a big deal, seriously the pup tore his ACL and is pouting when I leave to go on my runs in the morning, which means I get to schedule extra time to take him for a little bit of a walk.   

He is my little healer, not only does he help me when something is going on, he reminds me how easily healing can happen if the simple things are taken care of.  Sterling knows how to take care of his body, he eats, drinks, sleeps, rests, relaxes and plays.   When all of those things are taken care of healing happens and a torn ACL isn't such a big deal to a little tiny pup.   

He can serve as a constant reminder of how important foundation is and taking care of yourself.   Of course he is still a grumpy old man, so just because your foundation is solid it doesn't automatically mean the personality will change.   

Question to consider:  What reminds you of the importance of taking care of yourself?


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