Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I was camping in Yosemite last week with limited communication, for most of the trip I turned off my cell service and just used my phone to take photos.  However at one point I did have limited service and I received some cryptic messages from friends and family.  All of them were along the lines of:  "Thinking about you, so sad about Nepal."

My curiosity was peaked however I had limited communication and didn't want to run around attempting to find a better signal.  So I waited until we were back on the road to check the news.  

The mix and intensity of the emotions that surged up when I saw the news about the earthquake is too difficult to put into words.   Even now I am still not quite sure what I am feeling as I wait to hear from friends, as I wait to find out about travel plans basically as I wait for some sort of information.   

I know that the monks at the monastery are safe, they are sleeping outside and here is a photo of them saying their prayers.  I also know it will be okay, I know that it has been heart warming to watch people come together to help.  I have been shocked by how many people have called or messaged me to find out about the monastery.  

The past couple of days when I find myself in Nepal, I feel ease.  I have always felt so peaceful there and even though the people are hurting and scared I still feel that peace.  The love and peace still exist in the storm that is going on right now.  

I encourage you as the media posts photos of the "disaster."  To look for the people lending a helping hand, the people that are happy to be there, to be lending a hand.  Creation and destruction are a cycle, where is your focus right now?

Question to consider:  If you find yourself emotional about everything that is going on in the news, how can you use that emotion to do something?   Right now I will be patient and wait.   

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