Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Creating? Destroying?

Ashley and I both finished the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon.   As we walked past the finished the first aid tent was right there with people handing out ice, band aids, bio-freeze ect.   I was feeling pretty good and so I kept walking, looking at the ice wondering if it would make sense to just grab it.   At that point I really just wanted to keep moving and my body felt pretty good.   As I took some more steps my legs began to lock up a little bit and my right knee hurt.    Eventually the pain and instability was too much and I wanted to find a shady spot to sit down.  

Pain can provide some pretty good focus about attending to your immediate needs.   However my thoughts also started running and I thought about how difficult running can be on the body.   How there are plenty of people that recommend other activities for fitness and wondering if running was worth it to me.  If breaking myself down was worth it to create someone that tends to run.  

The whole idea of no pain no gain, is something celebrated in this culture.  "Just push through the pain, just keep going, it is all in your head, the mind gives up before the body....."   All of these sayings  that inspire us to keep going to keep training can be twisted to the point that we break and hurt ourselves.   It is using the idea of destruction rather than creation to get what we want.   

The destruction cycle might seem like a stronger and faster way of getting things done.  "I don't want this so I will do all these other things."   However in the end if the focus is on what you don't want, how do you get to what you do want?    

I signed up for this race and I did the training as another way to connect with my best friend.  She inspires me so much with her running and I wanted to explore what it is like to set a goal and complete it.    

So in the end what was I creating?   I was creating someone that has experienced training, pushing too hard and eventually listening to the body.  I was also creating someone that continues to stay active and move, even if running isn't feasible right now.   

Mostly I will be grateful for the three and a half hours I got to spend with my oldest friend!   

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