Saturday, May 9, 2015

This is it!

Trust your training!
Trust your training!
Trust your training!

On the day of the Boston marathon I read a very inspiring post from a runner.  The whole idea of trusting your training was very emotional for me, knowing that I was going to be running the Tinkerbell Half-marathon in a few short weeks.  Tomorrow Ashley and I will get up at a stupid time to go stand out and wait for the race to start.  At this point I still don't know if I will run all of it, some of it or none of it.   I was feeling a little bit like a failure for pushing my limits too fast and jeoparizing the race.  

So I started thinking about what my training was in the first place.  Yes my training was to run, was to prepare my body and mind for running a unfathomable distance to me.  The training was about expanding my mind and finding out what my body could do with every given breath.  The training was about learning to enjoy a new hobby (one I previously hated).  

My specific training taught me a bit more than that.  I learned that I really enjoy trail running and getting lost in the woods, not so much running on a track or on pavement.   I learned that I had a ton of stories about how far I could run and how my body would feel running.  I started to learn that I could use the strong emotions that came up for energy to motivate me to keep going. I also learned the importance of conditioning, listening to the body, and not simply focusing on the result.  

I wish I could say it doesn't matter to me if I finish the race, I wish I could say that my ego is not involved in me pushing myself so much, that is not true.  However the most important thing, and the thing that has always been the most important about this race is I get to spend some time with Ashley!   That is where I will put my focus, on being present with her.   On enjoying our girls' weekend with another friend and who knows how many more we will meet.

The training is not just about the race, the training is also about having gratitude for each step, for all the employees and volunteers that work to make these events special.   The training is always about how to love and serve the world in different ways.

Lenore trust your training!  Trust that every moment of your life prepares you for the next moment, trust that you are enough and trust your heart!

Question to consider: Where do you need to put your trust today, in this moment?

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