Jumping ahead

A good friend posted a quote on Facebook one day "Don't judge your beginning by someone's esle's middle."   I have been feeling very intimidated the past couple of days watching the yoga teachers that I am taking a training from.    I keep thinking if I will learn enough in these three weeks to be able to teacher more effectively.  I keep wondering how I will remember all the information, three weeks just doesn't seem like enough time to learn all the information.    Then I noticed the key words in those thoughts "ALL and ENOUGH."    

I tend to jump ahead to the future, to imagine that there is not possible way I will be able to do what these teachers do.  (I am not referring the the physical poses, but to the way that they describe how to make the pose more comfortable.  It is about the way that they teach and transmit information.)    Then I take a step back and remember to come back to where I am.   To be present fully and receive the gift that the teachers are giving me.  To stay in the present.

To trust that I am enough in this moment.  I am present and ready to learn, the rest will unfold as it will.  So I want to change my language from intimidated to inspired.   That is a much more useful description for what I want in my life.   I want to see other people and be insipred and not feel intimidated and small.

Question of the day:  Who intimidates you?  Can you descibe that situation with different language?


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