Appreciating Generosity

Life tends to have ups and downs.  Contrast is what helps us to understand and know what we like and dislike, what is good and what is bad.  I generally feel like the different jobs that I do allow me to either see or hear about both the best and worst in people.  Tuesday I was very unsettled about a couple of the cases that were happening at the advocacy center and I left there with a broken heart.

Today I went to visit with one of my Hospice patients, and got to watch the care he gets from all the people around him.  I got to see how his wife decorated the room, so that the things he saw would be familiar to him.  I got to see how the caregivers came to check on him mulitple time during the visit to see if he needed anything to drink or munch on.   The little things that added up to help him be more comfortable. It served as a good reminder of people's hearts.  

As I was driving to a friend's house, I got a very well timed lesson about how the good can be found in our daily lives.  How perfect strangers will come together to help another stranger, even if it might be inconvienced.  I was driving down the street, and I saw a woman on a bicycle fall.   I didn't see her moving and was worried that she might have hit her head, so I pulled the car over.  She appeared to have broken her ankle, but her head was fine. During the time that I was with her, I was amazed at the people who pulled over to help, or rolled down the windows to see if she needed anything.  One lady offered her newly purchased, unopened bottle of water.  One gentleman offered to carry her to the shade.  A family offered to take her bicycle back to their house so that she could pick it up later.  Two gentleman picked her up and placed her in my car.   I ended up driving her to a doctor, because her daughter had a bit of a drive to meet us.  I was touched by how many people offered what they had, and stopped to offer themselves to a stranger.  

I have to say that experience was something I needed this week.  To be reminded about how many caring, generous people there are in the world.   As I was driving home by myself, and interesting thought occurred to me.  I wonder if I would have noticed as much of the generosity if I hadn't been touched by what happened earlier in the week at the advocacy center.  I wondered if I only saw the brightness because earlier in the week I had seen darkness, so to speak.  

Question to consider:  What were the ups and downs of your week?   Did the downs help you appreciate and notice the ups a bit more?


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