Trimming down the closet

I was at work yesterday, when one of the other volunteers told me; "I am so glad you are here today, I need to share with you a book that changed my life."   She began talking to me about how free she felt getting rid of stuff, and she agrees with the idea of this book that if you need to organize, you probably have too much stuff.

How did she know?   The past weekend, I set to work cleaning out my closet again, and getting rid of stuff.  Two trashbags and a box later, I decided to take a break.   

I have not read this book, and I was not familiar with the author.  However it has been added to my reading list.  

Someone once gave me the great advice to never buy more hangers, so you are unable to keep too many clothes.  I learn every time I travel how much of my wardobe I like, how much of it I actually need for a certain amount of time.  Which probably explains why usually when I come home from a long trip, I start cleaning everything out and getting rid of things.  

I also thought about my relationship with books.  I used to read all the time, and recently I have found ti hard to read quickly, and to devour books the way I used to.   I still don't know if there is a book I would say changed my life.  I have books that I would recommend to people, but honestly those recommendations depend on their interests.  

Question of the day: What book changed your life?   What is a book you would buy for other people?


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