Where is the focus?

I started this blog to change my focus.  To look for the things that in my life that made me happy, to realize how much I had to be grateful for.   Eventually I started seeing the world differently, the heart breaks didn't go away, but I saw more.   Things were no longer so black and white, the world slowly brightened again and colors came into focus.  

Changing my focus was something that worked for me.  I continued to take photos of whatever made me smile, no matter how silly, or if no one esle got the joke, it was enough that I got the joke.  Slowly I started adding words, and playing with writing again.   

So I am heading into September and lately my focus has been pretty stuck.   It isn't working, and I keep zooming into the pain I am feeling, and the things I am struggling with hoping that I will find the answer. Which means there is an answer, that I believe I will get through this, that I will grow past it and towards something else.  

It has become difficult for me to change my focus, to zoom out, to zoom in to something else.  So it is time to return to basics.   For the next two weeks, I am going to return to my original format of my blog.   I am simply going to take a photo with my phone of something that makes me smile.   

I hope you will join me in this two week experiment.  Pick a person in your life to E-mail or text your photo to, you can send them an E-mail to let them know what you are doing, but after that just something that made you smile.  

See what happens!


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