Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A more complete vision

I was driving home from the doctor's office today and a movie that I saw a while ago came into my mind.   The movie really affected me at the time, and so I thought about writing a blog post about it.  When I got home I decided since it had been a while since I saw the movie, I wanted to look up a synopsis of it, just to sharpen my fuzzy memory.   Instead of a synopsis I clicked on a review.

The author of the review was not terribly impressed with the movie.  He talked about how the movie was predictable and unoriginal.  He also critized the actress, claiming that her beauty shown through the make-up, unkept hair and lighting and so it was difficult to believe her predictiment.  That comment got me thinking.

The idea that our beauty and spirit can still shine even when are not at our best.  Even when we put up walls, and shut down.  That what someone else sees might be a better representation of how we are capable of dealing with a difficult situation.  That other people see us as more then our biography, and whatever role we are acting out.

When I got sick in China, Adam came back to the room at one point to bring me some food, and he kept telling me how much better I looked after resting a little.  I gave all kinds of excuses about why it might appear that way.   Except maybe he was seeing the strength that I had to get better, maybe he was seeing ME, all of me and not just the sick part.   When I get sick I tend to zoom in, and think of myself in terms of the illness.  I think that there is nothing more to me, then the fact that I feel awful.   So I brushed off Adam's compliment as pity.   Maybe he just was seeing me as a complete picture, someone that is capable of getting better and thriving again.   

The spirit is there to take care, so maybe the next time someone tells you how good you look, even when you don't feel like it, LISTEN.   It might just be the voice that tells you, it is going to be okay, and you are bigger then this current obstacle.  Now to see if I can practice my own advice!

Question to consider: Do you accept compliments easily or do you tend to brush them off?

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