Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Looking for the Moon in China

I recently got back from a 14 day trip to China, and the last night in Bejing I went for a walk.   I was sick at the end of the trip and had spent a lot of time by the window of my hotel room, coloring, reading, resting and watching the city.    That last night however I wasn't able to settle down and get to sleep, so I went for a walk.

I was just after the full moon, so I walked around the hotel looking for the moon.   I wasn't able to see it, maybe the smog or clouds covered it, maybe it was still low on the horizon and so the buildings blocked it out of view.  I felt small walking around  this giant city, listening to the chatter around me and looking for the moon.

I was out long enough to realize I didn't need to see the moon, I just wanted to be that person staring up at the moon in awe.   I went to a commencement once where Rodulfo Anaya was the speaker.  I have never forgotten what he said about New Mexicans.  He said that New Mexicans have this need to seek out natural beauty, whether it is just glimpsing the moon between buildings in a large city, we seek it out.   Growing up surrounded by so much natural beauty, gives us a craving to find it no matter where we are.   I believe looking for the natural beauty in life is what returns me to childhood, because I grew up hiking and playing in the mountains, watching gorgeous sunsets and dancing in the rain.   Part of my childlike nature is to appreciate the beauty around me, to stand there in awe.

I don't know if this is something unique to New Mexicans, I have met so many people that look for natural beauty.  Maybe we are all just looking for out childhood again when everything was new and magical.  

Question of the day: What brings you back to your childhood?   Where is the magic in your daily life?

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