Tuesday, November 10, 2015

From the other side

This is a wonderful photo of Adam taking in the view from the edge of the cliff, getting to watch the river, and see the depth of the canyon that was slowly carved by time.   It was truly a breathtaking view, even from where I took the photo.

Here is what you don't see in this photo.   Adam's feelings about walking away from his wife who had just collapsed against a rock because of the pain.   I am not in the photo, leaning against a rock, evaluating my body to determine where the pain is coming from, and if I can walk the twenty or so steps to the edge.   My feelings aren't in this photo, my feelings of frustration, of awe, of gratitude, the fear and so many other feelings and thoughts.   The feelings ultimately pass and I am able to settle into the beauty of the surroundings.   

I didn't make it to the edge of the rock that day, I did get to take in a different view.  I am getting to learn that there is nothing wrong with my view, because even if Adam and I were standing in the exact same place we wouldn't see the same view.   I got a chance to breath in the canyon air, talk with Adam about what carved the canyon, rivers or glaciers, and just marvel at the beauty that surrounded us.  

Question to consider: When you see old photos do you remember what you were thinking/feeling when you took them?   

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