This weekend Adam and I had the privilege of attending a tabla concert.  I was only able to stay for half the concert, I wasn't able to sit comfortably, because of some tests I had going on and standing can be exhausting.  

I love the classical Indian music, and so it was such a treat for my heart.  I honestly felt like I was fighting a bit of a battle between my heart, to stay and my body that really needed to rest.   

During the performance, there were pauses when performers were changing.  Sometimes these transitions took a bit of time, because the instruments are very sensitive and need to be tuned correctly and often.  It is important for the quality of the music that the instruments are tuned.  Over and over again the announcer thank everyone for their patience and ensured us that it was worth the time to tune the instruments.

So of course I kept thinking about about the skill it takes to tune an instrument.  How important it is for a musician to know how to care for their instrument, to give the best quality performance and therefore offer a piece of their heart.  I remember watching a piano tuner work on my parent's piano one day.  I remember when I finally sat down to play, and the difference in the music just from taking the time to tune the instrument.  

Yet I was never the best at taking care of my body, the most important instrument that I have. I have the chance to learn a lot about how my body communicates with me now.  I have gotten to learn the importance of good food, quality ingredients, drinking enough water, and resting.  I struggle with the idea of resting, of relaxing especially when I feel like I am treading water right now.   

So again I look to change my language, to find a voice to describe this process up to my standards.  Instead of looking at my body as an adversary, and feeling like I am fighting it or it is fighting me.  Instead of seeing myself as sick, helpless and frustrated that a new treatment didn't work, I am working to find other ways to look at it.  I am tired of fighting, I want different language.  My body is not something to overcome, it is something to celebrate, to enjoy and to learn from. 

I am gaining new skills to learn how to tune an instrument.   As I gain competence and learn from getting back up again and again I will be able to offer more of my true self to people.  If my body is working well and happy, then my heart is free to perform.  I am worthy of the time and care.

Question of the day: What event in your life could you find different language to describe?  Does it change how you feel about the event?    I find it a lot of work to pay attention to my language, however I have experienced the benefits of playing with language and how it helps change focus as well.  


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