Sterling Sunday

I took a scary fall yesterday, Adam and I were playing with some of the movement exercises he learned at a recent Ido Portal workshop, and I lost my balance and fell.   Immediately, Sterling was by my side. As Adam and I talked about what hit the ground first, and he checked me for a concussion, Sterling crawled up and laid down on me, just as I said, "I don't think I should move yet."   That little puppy knows.   Since the day we brought him home 10 years ago, he has and will continue to be my little healer.  

Recently he has really been showing his age, and was recently diagnosed with Cushings disease.  So the early mornings, right after he eats have become a special time.  I am usually in the middle of my physical therapy exercises, but he wants to play.  So I stop and play with him, it is usually not a long time he tires and wants to take a nap pretty quickly.  It is long enough to remind me to take the time to be grateful.  

It is heartbreaking to watch my little dog get older and I worry that he is in pain.  I have no way of knowing, and so I watch him and learn from him.  Because he knows, and has never given up on me. 



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