Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thank you

There are many types of spaces in this world and many types of keepers of those different spaces.  When I started this little space on the Internet, I was very careful about what I posted and what I said.  Honestly I was going through so much I just wanted a little place of happiness and brilliance.  However as more people talked to me about what I posted and how I was looking for things, I opened up a little bit at a time.  

This space belongs to us all, everyone no matter if they only viewed one photo or one post has contributed to this little space.  This little corner of the Internet where I feel pretty safe and at home.  This is a place where I am able to be honest, show the good and the bad of my journey.  

Because even on my worst days, there is always some good.  Even when I feel alone, there is this tiny little home where I feel free to babble a little bit and look at my life.  

Thank you for helping to create this space, for giving me a place to write and practice.  

Question of the day:  Who are you thankful for today?  If possible take a moment and let them know.