Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunshine Sunday

During this recent move, Adam and I have been letting go of a lot of things.  Moving to a smaller place, means that we had to prioritize what we are using, what we need and what can be passed on to someone or some place else.  I make it sound so simple, so cut and dry.  It has been a ton of work and a ton of emotions.  

So when I stumbled on a few of my old baby blankets today I spent quite a bit of time in tears.  Every so often Adam and I find things we had put away for when we have children.  Through this process we have been gifting some of those things away, realizing that torn up book probably isn't worth keeping and various other choices.  When I found these old blankets, Adam told me it was fine to keep them if I wasn't ready to let go of them.  

I sat with that for a long time.  I imagined the future finding these blankets again and feeling old wounds ripped open, instead of being able to fondly look on these blankets.  So I told Adam about my blankets, and decided to gift them somewhere.  Maybe it is not about letting something go, maybe it is about acknowledging that these things are meant to be used, and allowing them to be passed on to someone.   

Maybe instead of letting some of these items go, we are passing them on to continue to be used and treasured.  

Question of the day:  Is there some salt in an old wound, that keeps irritating you?  Can you reform that story and look at that person, place or thing differently?  Can you see the true nature of it?  

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