Year Two

In year two I decided to focus on inspiration.  This was a much less focused goal, and something I am working on right now, finding and fueling that inspiration.  Inspire, that act of breathing into, the act of receiving divine breath, guidance or purpose. Inspiration is about exciting the spirit, finding and discovering the things that lift you up.  

That year was filled with me trying new things and even retrying things I hadn't liked in the past.  I left my job and started volunteering with the advocacy center.  I did crazy challenges like 33 things before 33, no TV and even 100 days of hand standing. I completed my first mud run in the freezing rain with the help of my teacher.  Adam and I did some updates and long overdue changes to our home.  We also started and stopped the adoption process, deciding in the end it wasn't the right decision for us.  

The thing that really sticks out about that year, one thing that I found that really lit my soul on fire was traveling and exploring new places.  That was the year Adam and I both started to say "YES" to traveling, to stop waiting for everything to be perfect and just find out what happened.  It was also the year that I started traveling by myself, that first trip to Nepal was life changing for me.  

Looking back at that trip and how fast everything came together is mirroring exactly what is going on now. I am going back to Greece for a little retreat.  This will be my first time traveling internationally alone since my diagnosis and the longest trip I have taken in a long time.  My health is the best it has been in a long time, maybe even better then the first time I went to Greece, because at least I am in touch with what is going on.  Still I have fears.  Going through that second year and seeing the photos from Portland, Chicago, California, New Mexico, Boston, Canada, Nepal and Spain reminded me how healing traveling is for me.   That second year is still inspiring me that I can travel, it just might look a little different and I don't get to eat all the chocolate anymore.  

Year Two was also about throwing away that old blueprint, trying new things and a lot of "beginner's luck."  It was about breathing life back into myself and taking the breath that was offered.  

Question of the day: What inspires you?  


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