Monday, May 15, 2017

Animal Lessons

The day Adam and I got the keys to our old house, we took Sterling over to show him his new home.   We were so excited to finally have a backyard to play with him in, we imagined that he would be just as excited.   Adam and I had this equation in our head, outside = more space to play with his ball = happier dog!   So we took him to the backyard and let him explore for a little while and then brought his ball out.   Sterling looked at the ball, ran to the door and sat to be let inside.   In the 10 years that he lived in that house he only played with his ball outside once, and it was a shocking moment.  

Sterling had a lesson to teach us that day, let go of of those equations and expectations.  Sterling was happiest inside and so we made space for him to have his own "ballroom."  Because watching him play with his ball was the most amazing thing in the world and if he wanted to play with it inside, then that is what he got.  

Adam and I went to say good bye to the house, look for any last things we wanted to grab and to bless the house for the next owners.  We have both needed some space to process the grief of selling the house, saying good bye to Sterling and grieving the people that we were that day when we threw the ball out for Sterling and he went the other way.  

Maybe that day Sterling was telling us "hey humans, think bigger, dream bigger and when the grass is too itchy it is totally okay to move on."  That house saw a lot of joy, a lot of heartbreak and a lot of change over the years, and none of it was really based on that original equation x = happiness.  Sterling, Adam and I made that space a home, and so we are taking the best part of that house in our hearts and with us for the rest of our lives.  

I can't know if I would be a happier person if life had worked out differently, but I do know that there is a Force much bigger then me leading me to my life's work.   I am happy, it looks nothing like what I expected, given a big backyard to play in I decided I was better suited to learn how to play in all the spaces, not just the ones that are expected.  

Question of the day: What lessons have your animals taught you that you will carry in your heart?   

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